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Well I’m moving…

February 10, 2010

To a new blog site. We will be hosting our own blog at – you can follow me there as soon as I find the time to move the contents.


woah.. i made the flier. i mean.. yeah!!!!

January 6, 2010

ok.. well, i made it in the flier and i made the flier. i like this… i made this special flier for the g35driver forums. maybe this will entice the g drivers to come and drift the g’s. g’s are like easy car to toss around.


took the poison… now it’s G time!

January 6, 2010

So I took the poison… Hello G! Got rid of the LS400VIPZ and jumped into a more “trendy” car. The G35c… I already took it drifting thrice.. well twice legally. JK!! geee… ok, well I learned how to disable the ABS/TCS and Yaw controller. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but my dashboard looks like a space shuttle about to explode. I have a lot of “warning” lights that are on. The warning says… “drifting about to happen – hang on”. That’s right! lol… The G is very nimble and soft hearted. This is in stock form… like show room stock form. Except it was rocking my red TE37’s. The initiation was a little soft and delayed. Unlike my S13.4 – it snappy, predictable and lotsa power. lol… but the G is fun to drive.  Roll up the window, bump the tunes and go to town. done done and done! As of the moment, I really don’t know what to do with it. I want to keep drifting with it and sell my S13.4. But I know I can drive harder and not care to grind toe to toe, door to door, bumper to bumper in my s13.4  you know? It’s gonna be different with the G. So I think…  We’ll see about that. Right now, I’ll just play it by ear and see what happens. In a perfect world, someone would buy my S13.4 and so I can bar up and charge up the G. But that’s in a perfect world, Welcome to life in 2010! Where… nothing is perfect. Just ideal and almost perfect.

That’s a lot of squatting… I need coilovers 😉

This is taken by LC of – Thanks Larry! His car commercial of G35.


FD Sonoma!

August 21, 2009

I was poking around the forums and drift sites to check out on FD updates. I saw the list and just going thru it.
Some of these drivers were part was part is part of JustDrift’s existence one way shape or form. Let me see..

32 – Jeff Jones- JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor/ASB/JD mainstay
31 – Taka Aono – JustDrift/Topdrift Main Judge since 2006
30 – Calvin Wan – JustDrift/Redline drift demo driver
29 – Ron Ewerth
28 – Cody Parkhouse – JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor/ASB/JD mainstay
27 – Ross Petty
26 – Sam Hubinette – Attended JD Private event 2 years ago@Oval
25 – Robbie Nishida
24 – Eric Osullivan
23 – Yas Kondo – JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor in 2007
22 – Mike Essa – JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor/ASB/JD mainstay
21 – Tanner Foust – JustDrift at ESPN2 host/Attended JD Private event 2 years ago@Oval
20 – Kenji Yamanaka – Went to JD Night event@Balcony and drove Benson’s SIL80!
19 – Kazu Hayashida
18 – Kyle Mohan – JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor in 2007 – ASB Regular
17 – Dmac
16 – Pat Mordaunt – JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor/ASB/JD mainstay
15 – Tony Brakohiapa
14 – Steph Verdier
13 – Tyler Mcquarrie
12 – Matt powers -JustDrift/Topdrift Competitor/ASB/JD mainstay
11 – JTP – JustDrift/Topdrift06 champion/ASB/JD judge/
10 – Bill Serman
09 – Dai Yoshihara
08 – Ken Gushi – JustDrift 04,05,06 regular with the green S13
07 – Ryan Tuerck – JustDrift ASB alumni
06 – JR – JustDrift ASB alumni
05 – Alex Pfeiffer – JustDrift ASB alumni/TopDrift guest judge 06
04 – Rhys Millen – Attended JD Private event 2 years ago@Oval
03 – Chris Forsberg – JustDrift ASB alumni/TopDrift guest judge 06-07
02 – Ryuji Miki
01 – Kazuhiro Ueo


Motormavens is at it… still!

August 6, 2009

This is the love from Motormavens… Thanks MM! I’m having drift flash backs still!



drifting aside…

July 31, 2009

I updated my BBM to 5.0! It’s pretty tight! You have pictures in the BBM now, it grabs it from FB or Gtalk I think.

If you have BBM! Download it here!  Oh… hope you updated your IPHONE! cause they have “bugs” lol! suckas!

  • For Editions
  • For 4.6/Bold
  • For 4.6.1/Javelin
  • For 4.7/Storm
  • For 4.7.1/Tour
  • For 5.0/All
  • For 5.1/Storm2 
  • Oh, yeah! I know drifting picture in a Blackberry post? Well, yeah! That’s Larry Chen from! that took this picture! It’s the shizit!  112


    ASB09 Parking..

    July 23, 2009


    Parking diagram for JUSTDRIFT/ZIPTIED ALLSTAR BASH 2009!