About Charlie

Well, this is my blog… Here, You’ll get to know me, what I do, my friends, my life, my hobby, my drifting, my snowboarding and all my extra sporting activities. Includes everything and excludes nothing. Take a ride with me in my journey and I guarantee that You will not get bored. Keep glued and keep checking for udpates. Sometimes I get caught in a rapture and I don’t get to update it. But rest assured, once I get a break. I’ll get an update right away.

Some people know me as Charlie from Justdrift or JD-Charlie or AKA “Driftheaven” (my old drifting name). Interesting fact that I want to “unfact” – Some people think I don’t work. Well genius, you’re wrong! I have a full time job! I am a Network Engineer for a healthcare company. I have a Bachelors degree in Management Information System. Product of California State University – Fullerton. Let’s leave the year I graduated out! LOL!!! Hey there were computers already OK? And it was Windows 2000 too! Well not that it’s not obvious, But I do love cars… All kinds of cars.


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