Shred the shrubs!!

February 1, 2010

This weekend came and went in a blink of an eye… wow! this weekend was the justdrift staff snowboard day. I took  the Justdrift staff for a day of fun in Snowsummit in Bigbear Lake. We were missing a few since some have errands to do and can’t go. So.. it was Me, Henry, Chris, Mikey Whitey, Steven the new addition to the JD line up.

After a few runs.. the pack had to separate according to riding speed and preferrences. So Mikey and Jason rode together since they are fairly new. Not bad for Mikey – his 2nd time snowboarding and he got the landing from the lift down like Capt. Sully. Jason too… not bad at all.

 There’s Mikey Whitey sporting his all authentic JUSTDRIFT gear!

There’s Jason learning how to carve. He took a few falls but got up and kept trying! That’s the key… keep on trying until you get it. Cause.. you will.

Then Steve went to the park with Emma and spent most of his time there. Learning his new found skills in the jumps.

There’s Steve and Emma landing. Steve is assisting Emma off the lift.

While Flybert, Henry and I went to explore the mountains, canyons and ravines. Litterally… ravines.  The canyon run got old quick! It was too much effort for the joy you’re getting. The return of investment was really low! I dunno why I keep going down to the canyons. We did it last year too, and as far as I remember… it wasn’t fun at all! This year, the same thing!

This is one of our “touge” sessions.

Chris following me, Henry in front. On our way down on “Summit run” looking for Mikey and Jason. There was a lot of beginners on their asses that day. So we used them as an obstacle course and snake’m. Had to have fun right? I was there… I had to start somewhere. All of us had to start somewhere. 

We pretty much explored the mountain. From the left side to the right side… there are some there that I have never been to. I’m sure there are some that I have to find too. Well… I’ll save that for next time.

Our last adventure was park side… I’m gonna end this post with Chris’ highlight X-Games Snowboard freestyle picture.

That’s Chris, the mexican Shawn White!!!!!!!


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