got my share of POW!

January 27, 2010

You guessed it… We went back to Mammoth last weekend. After all the stormy days have cleared and the Mammoth Airport cleared the learjet for take off. We took off for Mammoth and got our share of the Sierras freshies best! Most of the runs were open and the line was not bad at all. I expected a really long wait and jammed pack lines. It seems like a weekday line. Not bad… While I hear bad stories about roads to Bear, Summit and Mountain High. We were having fun shredding.

Where’s everyone? Nobody’s here.. oh wait. They’re stuck in Bear or Mt High! lol… JK!

Going down Stump Alley.. That’s Kathy, Claire and Michelle. Look at the perfect condition “Blue bird day” at Mammoth. A storm is heading in though… So, we enjoyed the sun while it’s out.

Before going down Solitude… Had to stop for a pictorial. Smileeeey sign!

Grooming the ungroomed… Going down somewhere. I think this is Spook to Main. Lovin` it!

Just having fun in my break from Drifting. 2010 Season starts next month.



  1. looks like a lot of fun! went up to mt charleston last weekend with the homies… all powder bro! every step you take is knee high! but its all good! didnt go to the ski resort coz they closed it… 1500 tix sold! i bet it will be nice again this weekend coz its snowing up there today. see u in a month!

  2. let’s get your knees fixed bomac! we have plenty of PT connections! lol… maybe it’s not ACL just a little exercise.

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