February 11, 2010

driftheaven has moved to…. WWW.DRIFTHEAVEN.JUSTDRIFT.COM


Well I’m moving…

February 10, 2010

To a new blog site. We will be hosting our own blog at justdrift.com – you can follow me there as soon as I find the time to move the contents.  www.driftheaven.justdrift.com


Shred the shrubs!!

February 1, 2010

This weekend came and went in a blink of an eye… wow! this weekend was the justdrift staff snowboard day. I took  the Justdrift staff for a day of fun in Snowsummit in Bigbear Lake. We were missing a few since some have errands to do and can’t go. So.. it was Me, Henry, Chris, Mikey Whitey, Steven the new addition to the JD line up.

After a few runs.. the pack had to separate according to riding speed and preferrences. So Mikey and Jason rode together since they are fairly new. Not bad for Mikey – his 2nd time snowboarding and he got the landing from the lift down like Capt. Sully. Jason too… not bad at all.

 There’s Mikey Whitey sporting his all authentic JUSTDRIFT gear!

There’s Jason learning how to carve. He took a few falls but got up and kept trying! That’s the key… keep on trying until you get it. Cause.. you will.

Then Steve went to the park with Emma and spent most of his time there. Learning his new found skills in the jumps.

There’s Steve and Emma landing. Steve is assisting Emma off the lift.

While Flybert, Henry and I went to explore the mountains, canyons and ravines. Litterally… ravines.  The canyon run got old quick! It was too much effort for the joy you’re getting. The return of investment was really low! I dunno why I keep going down to the canyons. We did it last year too, and as far as I remember… it wasn’t fun at all! This year, the same thing!

This is one of our “touge” sessions.

Chris following me, Henry in front. On our way down on “Summit run” looking for Mikey and Jason. There was a lot of beginners on their asses that day. So we used them as an obstacle course and snake’m. Had to have fun right? I was there… I had to start somewhere. All of us had to start somewhere. 

We pretty much explored the mountain. From the left side to the right side… there are some there that I have never been to. I’m sure there are some that I have to find too. Well… I’ll save that for next time.

Our last adventure was park side… I’m gonna end this post with Chris’ highlight X-Games Snowboard freestyle picture.

That’s Chris, the mexican Shawn White!!!!!!!


got my share of POW!

January 27, 2010

You guessed it… We went back to Mammoth last weekend. After all the stormy days have cleared and the Mammoth Airport cleared the learjet for take off. We took off for Mammoth and got our share of the Sierras freshies best! Most of the runs were open and the line was not bad at all. I expected a really long wait and jammed pack lines. It seems like a weekday line. Not bad… While I hear bad stories about roads to Bear, Summit and Mountain High. We were having fun shredding.

Where’s everyone? Nobody’s here.. oh wait. They’re stuck in Bear or Mt High! lol… JK!

Going down Stump Alley.. That’s Kathy, Claire and Michelle. Look at the perfect condition “Blue bird day” at Mammoth. A storm is heading in though… So, we enjoyed the sun while it’s out.

Before going down Solitude… Had to stop for a pictorial. Smileeeey sign!

Grooming the ungroomed… Going down somewhere. I think this is Spook to Main. Lovin` it!

Just having fun in my break from Drifting. 2010 Season starts next month.


Snowboarding vacation!

January 13, 2010

Well… I took a very long break from work andwent on a snowboarding trip. We left great Los Angeles on Dec 25 to be in Mammoth Lakes Ca. We stayed at this condo striking distance to the Village. So everything was close to us… except for the grocery store. It was an amazing week, I tell you!  The drive was OK, everyone was well rested on the 4 hour trip. I drove straight up like a gangstur! Space was an issue, So I had to take the mighty Titan. It tackled the snow without a problem!!! Good Job mighty Titan!

We boarded the very  first day. We had a noob on board. We thought she’d learn faster if we sent her to Mammoth School for Snowboarding. That was a mistake, Sherryl end up getting hurt more than she would have if we taught her ourselves. She fell from the lift – Who doesn’t?  then the person behind her also fell and hit her arms with the edge of the  board. We all thought she had a broken joint somewhere. Eeee….  little did we know, it was just a broken ego! Nothing a Goose can’t fix. She was just exagerating the pain with some tears. She got drunk that night and decided to learn boarding again. This time with Paul’s supervision and instruction. He’s the designated instructor. She learned right away! Since everyone has a season pass, there was no pressure to go bright and early. Just whatever and whenever. Except me… I have to go everyday!!   I went all 5 days! and  On the 2nd day, Michelle, Sherryl and Paul wanted to take a break and rest. See? they’re all asleep… and Paul never left that lazy boy chair until we got back! lol…

Nailed to the teeth!!

 So Kathy and I went on a “snowboard date”. Walked to the Village, rode the Gondola to the Canyon Lodge and started the adventure there. We boarded all the way to Main Lodge then took the Gondola to Top of Sierra. Kathy’s only 4th time snowboarding and she had no idea what she was up against… lol! 12k elevation, double black, steep… and lots of courage!

 She enjoyed the nice scenery though… then went off the gondola and took more pictures. Hey.. if you went 12k elevation and jumping double black on your way down. You might as well take a picture of the sign! “EXPERTS ONLY”. Everyone that goes there has that picture! It’s known as “the sign”.

We boarded straight down  to Main lodge and straight on to The Village. Went back to the cabin and relaxed. Everyday is like this, relax.. eat.. board… sleep… drink… for 5 days! Imagine that!!!

On the 3rd day.. Everyone went boarding again. We walked to The Village and took the Gondola to Canyon lodge. Started the journey from Canyon Lodge.

We went toSaddle Bowl and took St Anton going down that day.

Stop for scenery… OK picture time! 

Kathy riding toe side! That’s how you start to carve!

And Mitch too.. toe side turn time!

And Sherryl just learning her “falling leaf” – She actually learned pretty quick! Good job!!

A shot from the lift via Canyon Lodge with Paul the instructor.

Kathy on toe side while checking out her toe nails… practice makes perfect! 

and there’s the D.I. — Designated Instructor.

oh and that’s the B.I — Best Influence! I added 10 years to their life span, but the danger of the action sport I got them to love  just increased risk by 20%. So… it actually lessened by 8 years. lol…

Student and teacher…  nice view, huh? 😉

Like kids left in the snow… We had to fight! You can see me ready to unleash the Sonic Boom!

Here’s my Haduken!!!


woah.. i made the flier. i mean.. yeah!!!!

January 6, 2010

ok.. well, i made it in the flier and i made the flier. i like this… i made this special flier for the g35driver forums. maybe this will entice the g drivers to come and drift the g’s. g’s are like easy car to toss around.


Enjoying the WSIR view..

January 6, 2010

Hung and Steven sent me a shot of Steve’s subie up on the WSIR mountain roads for ORV. I was jealous… I had a meeting with WSIR people. After that, I went to the ORV park of WSIR and played with my Gx470. I was testing my new Yokohama Geolandar AT. THANKS MATT FROM YOKOHAMA/ADVAN!!! These tires are effin` awesome! Here are some shots of the GXlander working hardly on a steep mountain back trails of the same complex and race track we go drifting in.

What comes up.. must come down. UP RIGHT that is!


took the poison… now it’s G time!

January 6, 2010

So I took the poison… Hello G! Got rid of the LS400VIPZ and jumped into a more “trendy” car. The G35c… I already took it drifting thrice.. well twice legally. JK!! geee… ok, well I learned how to disable the ABS/TCS and Yaw controller. It wasn’t as hard as I thought, but my dashboard looks like a space shuttle about to explode. I have a lot of “warning” lights that are on. The warning says… “drifting about to happen – hang on”. That’s right! lol… The G is very nimble and soft hearted. This is in stock form… like show room stock form. Except it was rocking my red TE37’s. The initiation was a little soft and delayed. Unlike my S13.4 – it snappy, predictable and lotsa power. lol… but the G is fun to drive.  Roll up the window, bump the tunes and go to town. done done and done! As of the moment, I really don’t know what to do with it. I want to keep drifting with it and sell my S13.4. But I know I can drive harder and not care to grind toe to toe, door to door, bumper to bumper in my s13.4  you know? It’s gonna be different with the G. So I think…  We’ll see about that. Right now, I’ll just play it by ear and see what happens. In a perfect world, someone would buy my S13.4 and so I can bar up and charge up the G. But that’s in a perfect world, Welcome to life in 2010! Where… nothing is perfect. Just ideal and almost perfect.

That’s a lot of squatting… I need coilovers 😉

This is taken by LC of Driftfotos.com – Thanks Larry! His car commercial of G35.


The Tiger Woods…

December 12, 2009

If I get to talk to Tiger today… I won’t ask him why he cheated. Nobody’s perfect… You know, fame… fortune… Everyone’s after him. But I’m gonna have to ask, WHY ARE THEY SO DAMN UGLY??!! Everyone has choices, but why did you chose them?? HAHAHAH SHIIIT… I expected more from you! Tiger!


snow play time!

December 9, 2009

We’re going to Bear tomorrow, can’t wait to shred. Getting gas then picking some stuff.